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Industrial Communications Protocols and Network Management

Theoretical bases on networks and their elements (Routers, Switch, Firewall) and communication between intelligent electronic devices, with the aim of giving to the participant the tools of understanding the terminology and specifications of a tele control and control system (DCE-DTE, client-server) ICMP, SNTP, PTP, SNMP and more.

Standard Application for SCADA Systems Design

Attendees will learn the best methodology to be able to define size and design their SCADA system according to project requirements. This workshop is aimed at all professionals in the world of industrial automation who have to implement, dimension, design or sell SCADA systems in their projects.

Ciber Security for Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures

Formación y asesoramiento en materia de ciberseguridad en todos los niveles de la organización: concienciación, análisis, implantación, evaluación y seguimiento de las acciones.
Aprende los conceptos básicos, tipos de ataques, aplicación de sistemas anti-intrusión, control de seguridad informática y firewalls de diodo.

OPC Technology and Advanced Architecture Development

This course is aimed at engineers, developers and integrators working on application maintenance, integrating new systems, replacing old equipment or looking for new ways to optimize data communication. The present course has an eminently practical approach, which facilitates a quick understanding of methods of access to data using OPC technology.

OPC UA Technology, Theory, Practices and Application Development

This training is mainly directed to Control & Applications Engineers, Integrators, Managers, Operations Managers, Software Developers, Plant Managers, Product Managers, Technologists, Technicians and Managers in charge of the development of OPC UA tools, in charge of operations start-up and day-to-day automation and process control systems.

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